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Joe Renzetti's Stories

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CHUCKY - The Beginning

CHUCKY'S Beginnings.

I was the composer of the music score to the original of the Child's Play movies.

I was in meetings with the director, creators, producers of the film many times.

I was in on the creative discussions.

I remember someone told me that CHUCKY known as Charles Lee Ray, was named after three most infamous killers: Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.

I was asked if I knew someone in the electronics sound world, that could manipulate the human voice, to create the "sound" of Chucky's voice. I remember sitting in a dark dubbing stage for hours listening to hi squeaky, low rumbling, weird voice sound effects. None of them worked. Then they discovered the brilliant Brad Dourif.

Before I got to do the music, they "tested" the film in front of an audience outside of LA. The people laughed at Chucky. This made the producers nervous. It was supposed to be a horror film not "Animal House."

After some editing, adding Brad, and my score; where my best musical efforts were used to scare the s**t out of the audience, people stoped laughing.

I was told by one of the producers that a big shot from the studio told him, "your composer just turned a typical Horror B Film into a major release." Just sayin'.

Joe Renzetti AWW 2021


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