Bio - Joe Renzetti

I am a native of Philadelphia, PA. where I started my carer playing guitar on Philly's Cameo records:

Let's Twist Again, South Street, The Mash Potatoes,

The Bristol Stomp, You Can't Sit Down,

The Hully Gully.

I moved to NYC and become the arranger of top ten records like:


Mandy - Barry Manilow,

Sunny - Bobby Hebb,

98.6 - Keith,

Together -The Intruders,

United - The Intruders.

Let The Good Times Roll & Feel So Good - Bunny Sigler

I Arranged These Records  ⤵︎

"Together" The Intruders

I'm playing rhythm guitar on this. 

ME at MGM  Large .jpg

In Hollywood I produced the music for a new rock n' roll biopic, "The Buddy Holly Story." 


I directed the actors portraying Holly and the Crickets in singing and playing their instruments.

They were filmed performing live on camera, which was a first for a movie. 

I scored the original "Child's Play,” written and directed by Tom Holland, I also scored a cable series by Tom for FearNet called “Twisted Tales.”

I collaborated with director Gary Sherman on : "Poltergeist III," "Dead & Buried,

”Wanted: Dead or Alive," and  the TV series 

"Missing Persons.”


I scored the TV movie "Elvis" staring Kurt Russell, Directed by John Carpenter and produced by Dick Clark.

I scored the music for Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks on the film “Fatso” featuring

Dom DeLuise.


I scored  "Frankenhooker" and  "Basket Case  2 & 3.” 

I won an Academy Award for “Best Adaptation Score” for  ”The Buddy Holly Story." 

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