Joe Renzetti Oscar winning Film Composer.

Played guitar on numerous top 10 records.

Arranger of iconic gold records.


Seminars on film scoring for Film Composers as well as Film Makers

I have held seminars in LA at USC, LA for the composers form, NYC The NewSchool, Philly Temple, Bucks County PA, Chicago, and at film festivals and schools.

I teach film makers as well as composers; composer and film makers interactions.

I have studied acting, directing, and scripting writing.

I incorporate all this into my seminars. 

I teach from the POV of a film maker/story teller. I believe the composer is another form of an actor on a film.

I'm an expert on '60's pop music.

I created a lot of it. I arranged many top hits, I know the era.

See my bio page.


As a film maker if you need music supervision, particularly with music of the 60's and 70's, contact me.


I've had lots of experience teaching actors how to look like they're actually playing their instrument.


I am a studied director, actor, and I have sat in on many casting sessions,

and preproduction read throughs.


I know how films are made. Particularly from a musician's POV.


I've advised on the films for Mel Brook's and Anne Bancroft's Fatso w/Dom DeLuise.

The Buddy Holly Story, The Idol Maker, Wanted; Dead or Alive, Poltergeist 3.

Elvis the TV movie - Kurt Russell - John Carpenter.

Basket Case 2 & 3. Frankenhooker.

Ron Howard's  Cotton Candy, his first TV directorial debut.


I am well versed in the classical literature, Big Band and Modern Jazz.

I work in my Project-MIDI studio with state-of-the-art equipment.

As Consultant / Music Supervisor

I look forward to hearing from you.  Joe Renzetti

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