Music Software

Joe Renzetti Recommended Products.

I'm often asked which hardware and software I use in my everyday work. Here is a list.

I'll be adding more so check back. Joe R

Music Software

This is my favorite DAW to compose music to picture and all music creating work. I've used it since it's inception and find it's the best from a composer's POV. It has all the flexibility of ProTools, all the music creating aspects of ProLogic

or CubeBase. It has music printing abilities rivaling Finalé.

Amazingly it is underrated and yet used on many major hit films by some of the top film composers working today.

The plugins are fabulous and DP10 outputs ALL the current wave forms- surround, 7:1, stems.

It has picture striping functions, and has all the possible digital audio file manipulations, stretching, auto-tuning.


Software, like many aspects in show biz, is subject to popularity trends.

DP10 has somehow managed to skip the hype and is often behind

the scenes of popular films and records.

Kontakt can work as a stand-alone or plugin instrument/synth player of amazing flexibility.

It has multiple tracks of instruments, a mixing board for each, FX like EQ, compression, on each channel.

It can be opened in many iterations.

I will run 40, 50 at a time. No problem, it's easy on the processor. Check it out.

They can do a much better job of explaining than I can.

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