Joe Renzetti Oscar winning Film Composer.

Played guitar on numerous top 10 records.

Arranger of iconic gold records.

 I  Use And Recommend

"Film Scoring - How it's Done in Hollywood" by Joe Renzetti -

Get it free.  Go to my page.  Serialized Book.


Digital performer DP10 is composer friendly.Great for a project studio. A highly underrated DAW. 

I recommend you check it out.

The Kontakt Player is a great sample player. You can use it as a standalone or as a plug-in.

It's the most versatile Player I've experienced,

Sample Libraries I Like

8 Dio - Audio Things -  Cinesamples - Orange Tree - NI Massive - Soniccoutre - Soundiron -

Spitfire - Waves Audio - Decent Samples -

NOVO strings by Heavyocity

Recently I’ve had a chance to get to use the NOVO strings. I’ve created  bunch  cues with them and the samples and user's interface are great to work with. 

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