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Film Scoring; Film Makers and Musicians

I wrote this book from my experiences working as a composer in Hollywood. I came out of a background in the record bizz, arranging hit records. And even though I had worked on TV ads, I never scored a feature film or a TV show. I was thrown directly into the movie bizz. Thankfully with the support of mentors and surrounded by pros, I was learning on the job.

So I know how it is to be new to scoring films and looking for info about how it works, particularly in the capital of it film music; Hollywood.

In my book I lay it all out; how to be prepared and how to deliver your ideas where they'll be a hit with all involved.

Because I got to work with many successful directors, actors, writers, producers; I know how a composer and a film maker should communicate. In the book I give advise and instructions to directors about how to communicate with a composer, how a composer can best understand the needs of the director and the film. It's a book I wish I could have read when I started out.

It's up on my site, free.

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