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Joe Renzetti

A native of Philadelphia, PA., Interested in film composing, Joe left for Hollywood and landed a gig doing the music for a new rock n' roll biopic, "The Buddy Holly Story." 


There he taught the actors portraying Holly and the Crickets to sing and play their instruments.

They were then filmed performing live on camera, which was a first for a movie. 

Joe Renzetti won an Academy Award for

“Best Adaptation Score” for 

”The Buddy Holly Story." 


He worked with Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks on the film “Fatso” featuring Dom DeLuise.


He scored the original "Child's Play,” written and directed by Tom Holland, he also scored a cable series by Tom for FearNet called

“Twisted Tales.”


Joe Renzetti has collaborated with director

Gary Sherman on : "Poltergeist III,"

"Dead & Buried,” "Vice Squad," 

"Wanted: Dead or Alive," and  the TV series 

"Missing Persons.”


Joe supplied the scores for "Frankenhooker" and both "Basket Case 2&3.” 


His first careers were in the record business.

He arranged many hit records including:

Mandy - Barry Manilow,

Sunny - Bobby Hebb,

98.6 - Keith and more.